Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here Goes..

I caved. I've had a couple people tell me to start a blog and it got me thinking.. and I guess i'll give it a shot. I cant promise anything. Ill try to keep up with it as much as I can and we'll see how it goes! I'm going to need some feedback though.. or I'm going to be bored talking to myself about my own life.. =) I decided to call my blog Sweet Pea, because my granny calls me sweet pea and i've always loved the cute nickname. I also have my etsy shop named after that too! Sweet Pea Jewelry (check it out.) Thats where this whole thing started. Im not sure where it came from, but I wanted to save my husband and I some money and start making jewelry for myself, because if you know me- I have a serious Jewelry problem (maybe ill post my jewelry stand sometime). I started to make wire wrapped rings, then I thought wow, what else could I do?? I tried to Sew, Crochet, and do Other random things. I must say, the crocheting thing... not for me. But it was fun to have my granny try to teach me! I started to follow some pretty cool crafting blogs that I will start to link up here. They inspired me to start to do other things around the house. I'll probably share some of those on here at some point too. But that's where all that came from! I will also say I have some sort of unsorted passion for weddings. I say unsorted because I dont know in what way specifically, i'm all over the place. I got married last october (23) to my husband Samer.
That's us =) It was definitely the best day of my life. BUT through planning my wedding I discovered how much I loved it. I forgot to mention i've also worked for a catering company for more than 8 years now called Michael's Catering. Easily the best catering company in Toledo. I've seen plenty of beaaauuutiful weddings, but ive also seen plenty of terribly tacky weddings. I love looking at all the decorating when I get there, but I also love watching such a special night unfold. I still get emotional watching every couples first dance, or the father daughter dance. Up until last year i'd stand there and stare wondering what my day would be like! I have to say though, my favorite part of every night is the toasts. You can never guess what people are going to say. I swear all of this rambling has a point. In doing hair and makeup too I've also been behind the scenes and get to see how the day goes before the wedding. Its those precious times i've gotten to see with those brides that have always made me so excited for my own day. Now looking back (and ahead..?), I still love to see people getting married and I always want a hand in making it that much more special. Weddings just amaze me and get me every time. Thats really a thought for the day... I didnt mean for it to turn into that, but that is what has been on my mind in the past few months. Thats who I am and where I'm at in a nutshell. I promise all my posts will NOT be this long and boring, I just felt like i had to introduce myself or something. =)


Katie Campbell said...

Your cute. I can imagine your tone of voice in all of this as I'm reading it =)

jenelle127 said...

AWWW hahahah yeah... =)