Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Creator God

Im amazed at the world around us. To know that we have a God that is so great that he would make everything in this world. As my friend Emily Main was driving me home last night we were talking about the stars, and once we were by my street we looked up and the clouds were placed SO pretty and the moon was SO bright, it looked fake. I think its a good reminder of how great our God is. He placed those stars right where they are for a purpose.

I wanted to share something about these flowers. Last sunday it was Samer's Grandpas 80th birthday, and we went to his aunt's new house with her room mate Lynn Rodebough. We had a great time eating and catching up and even meeting some new friends. I was admiring all of Lynn's fresh flowers. In the past month or so i've been telling Samer how much I want fresh flowers to be a permanent staple in our kitchen. It just brightens my day by looking at them =)  Well as we were Leaving she hands me the flowers on the right, and says here these are for you. I was SO excited! She told me that she grows flowers in her yard, and whenever she has guests over she gives them a vase with flowers in them and attaches a bible verse to them so we are reminded of his glory and goodness. The verse on the flowers she gave me said "he has made everything  beautiful in it's time..." Ecc. 3:11. I just loved that she gave those flowers to me. I thought it was Suchhh a good idea!! Then the next day my wonderful mother-in-law bought me the flowers on the Left and I put them in my new "vase" i bought at a garage sale for .50! Love it. So now even a week later i'm still staring at these gorgeous flower in my kitchen! Thought i'd share this little bit of joy this lady gave me last sunday! =) hope this encourages someone!

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